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Mosty region

 The Mosty region is situated in the west of Grodno oblast. The region was founded on January 15, 1940, abolished on December 25, 1962, restored back on January 6, 1965. The area is 1,300 square kilometres. The population – 40,900, with urban population accounting for 45%. The average density is 31 people per 1 square kilometre. The center of the region is the town of Mosty. The region includes 154 villages, 14 rural councils.

The region is situated within the bounds of the lowland of the Upper Neman. The relief is mainly flat. The average height is 120 meters above sea level. The highest point is 167 meters (two kilometres southward from the village of Bolshaya Ragoznitsa). Minerals: chalk, clays and loam, peat, sand and gravel. Average temperature in January is -5,1C and +18C in July. Precipitations – 540mm a year. Vegetative period is 198 days. 

Major rivers: Neman with tributaries Schara with Sipa, Zelvianka, Ross, Elnya. Man-made canals: Natskva, Lantsevichi, Miklashevichi. Forests are coniferous, spruce, alder, birch, oak, hornbeam, ash-tree. Forests occupy 33% of the territory of the region. Nature heritage sites are the hollows Gumnische and Podberezie, Poboevsky boulder, Knizhevovodskoye and Poshinskoye outcropping of the ancient rock. Recreational sites – Mosty, Volpa, Skidel. The area of farmland makes up 68,4 thousand hectares, of them 22,3 thousand hectares are reclaimed area. Agricultural industry of the region specializes in meat and dairy cattle breeding, cultivation of sugar-beets, grain crops, fodder crops and potato.

Industry of the region is represented by food companies (starch, mayonnaise), metalworking (a repair plant in the village of Peski), woodworking (furniture, saw-timber), producers of construction materials, hydroelectric power station near the village of Patsevichi. Among the major railways and motorways crossing the region are railways Lida-Mosty-Volkovysk and Grodno-Mosty and the motorways Schuchin-Mosty-Volkovysk, Mosty-Slonim, Mosty-Grodno.

There are 19 secondary, 9 basic, 4 primary, 1 music schools, 23 pre-school establishments, 32 clubs, 37 libraries, 6 hospitals, 5 ambulance stations, 22 doctor’s-obstetrician centres. There is Gudevichi state museum of literature and local lore, a museum ‘Destiny and Man’ in Mosty.

The specimen of architecture: St. Anna Roman-Catholic Church (1782) in the village of Lunna, Holy Trinity Roman-Catholic Church (1740) in the village of Strubnitsa.

Mosty Regional Executive Committee