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Ivje region

The Ivie region is situated in the east of Grodno oblast. The region was founded on January 15, 1940. The area is 1.9 thousand square kilometers. The population is 37,8 thousand, with urban population accounting for 27.8%. The average density is 20 people per 1 square kilometer. The center of the region is the town of Ivie. The region includes the settlement of Yuratishki, 372 villages, Yuratishki council and 10 rural councils.

The region is situated within the bounds of the Lida plain in the north and the Neman lowland in the south.

Minerals: peat, sans, gravel, construction sands, chalk, clays

Major river is the Neman with tributaries Berezina and Gavia.

There is the Lazduny reservoir in the region. The forests are mainly coniferous, of them 22.3% are man-made.

The total area of farm lands is 79,2 thousand hectares, of them 25,7 thousand hectares are reclaimed area. There are 20 kolkhozes. The regional agriculture industry specializes in meat and dairy cattle breeding, horse breeding, cultivation of grain crops, fodder, sugar beets, flax, potatoes.

Regional industries: food, construction materials, woodworking. A railway route connects Lida with Molodechno, road – Grodno with Minsk.a  motorway to Novogrudok and Oshmiany passes the town.

There are 16 secondary, 16 basic, 5 primary schools, a residential school, music school, a vocational college, 17 pre-school establishments, 38 leisure centers, 13 culture centers, 44 libraries, 9 hospitals, an outpatient department, 27 doctor’s assistant and obstetrician centers. 

Specimen of architecture: St. Nicholas Roman-Catholic Church (1519) and ruins of the castle (15th-16th centuries) in the village of Geraneny, St. Maria Catholic Church (1772) in the village of Dudy, a mansion (1870) in the village of Zhomyslavl, St. Casimir Catholic Church (early 20th century) and a chapel (19thcentury – early 20th century) in the village of Lipnishki, St. Nicholas church (early 20th century) in the village of Morino, a Roman-Catholic Church (1907) in the village of Subotniki, St. Trinity Catholic Church (18th century) in the village of Survilishki, of Roman-Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (early 20th century) an Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox church (19th century – early 20th century) in the village of Traby.

Ivie Regional Executive Committee